November 10, 2010

Talon Lures Releases Shibui Yana

I saw this posted by a few people on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing. Talon Lures just released a new lure called the Shibui Yana, it's kind of a cross between a buzzbait, spinner, and swim jig. It looks really interesting. I don't often see things that are completely unique and new in the fishing world, but I have to say this is one of those times. I am really intrigued with the bait and like the color of the one pictured. That's one of my favorite skirt colors of all time. Here is the entire press release I found on The Fishing Wire.

Milam, Tex. - Talon Lures has become known fortheir commitment to producing high quality lures that offer anglers the highestquality components combined with artistic finishes that match forage basesaround the country. Along with their quality and appearance, Talon Lures hasalso earned a reputation for being innovative; and they have further exhibitedthat nature with the Shibui Yana™.

Yana™ which is a Japanese word that means fish trap is alure that combines the foundation of a buzzbait with the dressings of a swimjig and a spinner. Yana™ features a precisely balanced Shibui styled head witha wire protruding from the nose and a giant 6/0 Mustad Ultrapoint round bendhook on the business end of the lure.

To the precision foundation, Talon Lures adds a spinnerblade that rotates around the wire form giving Yana™ an incredible action thatincorporates sound, flash and vibration. Yana™ also features the highlydetailed paint jobs, 3-D eyes and lifelike hand tied skirts.

The Shibui Yana™ is the perfect complement for multiplestyles of trailers. The size of the hook allows anglers to put swimbaits, softplastic jerkbaits, grubs and even straight tailed worms. The trailers will staylocked in position thanks to Talon's V-Claw trailer keeper. The action of Yana™creates action in every kind of trailer, even finesse worms.

The Shibui Yana™ can be slow rolled and bumped along bottomcover, counted down and retrieved through suspended bass, or burned overgrassbeds and other submerged cover. Shibui Yana™ is a swim jig taken to theextreme, and it may be one of the most versatile lures to enter the marketplacein a long time.

Shibui Yana™ is available at Talon Lures dealers, and willsoon be taking the water ways by storm. Visit Talon Lures to find a dealer nearyou, and get ready to take your swim jig fishing to the next level.

Talon Series Custom Lures is based in Milam,Tex., they are a producer of high qualitytackle, built to attract and land the massive bass found in Texas fisheries. They make each lure on sitein their Texasfacilities, bringing expert craftsmanship and design to life in their products.Visit them on the web at
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