November 10, 2010

Fluorocarbon For Topwater Baits?

I have been using fluorocarbon line for everything this year. Yes, even some topwater baits. I know it sounds crazy since fluoro sinks and changes the action of the baits, but I feel like it adds some benefits at times. I first remember doing this last year some time, when I wanted to throw a popper and didn't want to take off the baits that were tied on mono. I quickly discovered that the bait would sink and dive a little bit each time. It made a unique action and still caught fish. Then earlier this year, I was throwing a Lucky Craft Gunfish on fluoro and was doing really well. The action of the bait is already pretty good, but with 15lb Seaguar it would dive and dart just under the surface before popping up to the surface. I have been doing it quite a few times this year and always liked the results.

I wanted to see how crazy I was for doing this, so I searched the internet and all I found was why NOT to use fluorocarbon on topwaters. Person after person said it was a bad idea and not to try it. Then I stumbled upon a Bassmaster Insider article about Elite Series Pro Chad Griffin and his experience with fluorocarbon. He said "Yeah, I know that fluorocarbon line sinks and thatit's not good with a lot of topwater baits," admits Griffin. "Ninety percent of the timewhen I'm fishing topwaters, I'm using monofilament line, but at Oneida, it didn't make adifference. In fact, it actually helped me." Because he was fishing largegrass flats for wary smallmouth, long casts were critical to Griffin's success and with fluorocarbon, hecould achieve the needed distance."

The final reason that Griffin threw fluorocarbon came down to confidence. "I have so much confidence inthe Seaguar fluorocarbon. With mono, I just didn't have any faith that I couldget those big smallmouth in the boat once they hit because they would getburied in the grass."

I still use braid on some topwaters and will use mono again, but something to consider is trying fluorocarbon to change the action and make the bait have a little different action than they are used to seeing.

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