November 23, 2010

TBrinks Fishing Product Review: The Accent Scooter Jig

A few months ago, the entire bass world took notice of a technique called bottom buggin' when Tommy Biffle dominated the Elite Series event on Ft. Gibson Lake in Oklahoma. Basically he was fishing a jig and slowly dragging it on the bottom. The only difference was the type of jig he was using; a hinged head jig that allowed the hook to swing free and created a unique action on the bottom. When I first saw this, I immediately thought of the Accent Scooter jig. Accent was the originator of this concept and the guys in the Missouri area have been using this for a few years now. I recently had the chance to try the Scooter jig for myself and was really happy with the results. The jig comes in several different sizes and three styles: the Flippin' jig, the Football head, and the Finesse style. All three of them have their place and are all based on the same unique design.

I have caught fish using the Finesse Scooter like I would fish a shakyhead, but decided to try out the Flippin' version for my product review. I was using a 1/2 oz size in Brown/Purple and combined it with a Sweet Beaver in the Main Vein color. The color match was about as perfect as you can get. I fished the bait slowly on the bottom, but also had some success swimming the bait like I fish a swim jig.

I really enjoyed fishing the jig and am looking forward to finding a place where I can fish the football head in deeper water. I have a feeling that the Scooter jig will perform really well around rocks and deep cover. The video below shows how easily the jig can be fished in heavy wood cover. The free range hook system helps make sure that the fish stay hooked better and the design makes it totally weedless.

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