November 28, 2010

You'll Never Guess What I Found

On Thanksgiving, Tanya and I always go fishing and have a mini-tournament on the local canals (I didn't post about it this year since she beat me and now I'm finally able to talk about it). We caught some fish here and there but the best part of the day for me was something I found. I was walking along the canal casting my Ultravibe Speed Worm and I happened to look down. I saw something in the grass and immediately grabbed it like it was a $100 bill. It was a Helicopter Lure! Tanya had never heard of the infamous lure, so I had to explain the legend of the Helicopter Lure.

If you have never heard of it, do a Google search and be prepared to hear some funny stuff. Check out this link: Lure Hype on TV. The Flying Lure, Banjo Minnow and of course the Helicopter Lure. All of these baits have caught their share of fishermen.

When I was younger, I was like alot of fishermen, and hung on every word Roland Martin said. He was a fishing god and what he said was acted upon. I bought some Helicopter Lures and remember not catching anything on them. I tried this bait the other day just to try to get a picture to share. The fish chased it a few times, but never wanted it. Even the aggressive Gar just looked at it like I was stupid for casting it by them. The lure had a pretty unique action, but the line twist was ridiculous. You definitely need a swivel if you are even considering trying this bait. I wonder how many more of these are still around. I am going to keep mine and save it for the right conditions to throw it. Thanks again Roland!

Check out this great video on the Helicopter Lure:

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