December 2, 2010

Big News From Eco Pro Tungsten: Bigger is Better

In the last month Eco Pro Tungsten has really stepped it up. They signed Dean Rojas, added Tim Norman as President and started making steps towards the mainstream by advertising with Wired2Fish. Now they have announced a new product and some new colors to add to their lineup.

The big news is a new two ounce Flippin' weight called "The Monster". The 1 and 1.5 ounce have been standards for the guys down here in Florida, but now they have some extra weight to get through the thick stuff. Dean Rojas was instrumental in bringing the heavier size out because he said there was nothing like it on the market. The Monster will be available next month and will come in black and green pumpkin. I'm looking forward to trying these things out.

The new Dean Rojas custom colors were designed to exactly match some of the most popular colors for soft plastics; Watermelon Red, Brown Pumpkin, Sapphire Pumpkin and Black Neon. The colors look great, don't you think?

Wired2Fish had a press release about the new colors. You can read it here.

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