November 8, 2010

Eco Pro Tungsten Signs Dean Rojas!

Just a few days ago I wrote something about Eco Pro Tungsten and how they seem to be on their way to the top.  Today, they made a huge move in the right direction by signing Elite Series Pro Dean Rojas to the Pro Staff.  Dean is an awesome fisherman and well-respected among his fans.  I think they made a great choice in picking him.  New Eco Pro President Tim Norman and Dean go way back, as they worked together to create the Spro frog.  I think this partnership will be just as successful.  Here is the entire press release:

Press Release

Eco Pro Tungsten announces the hiring of Dean Rojas as company spokesman and Pro Staffer

Tim Norman, President of Eco Pro Tungsten, announced today that Dean Rojas has signed an agreement to represent Eco Pro as pro staff and company spokesman. I am beyond thrilled to have Dean developing new products and promoting Eco Pro Tungsten on the tournament trail.  Obviously I have a long history with Dean and there really was no other choice for me.  Dean Rojas is the best there is.

Dean is already at work developing new things for the tungsten market and we should have something coming very soon.   With the addition of Dean we are completely overhauling our website.  It should be completed and back up sometime in the coming week.  

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