December 29, 2010

My Favorite Punch Setups

I was talking with the guys at Bass 2.0 about my favorite punchin' setup and it was much easier to just post some pics. I have two basic setups that I use for almost all of my punchin' needs.

#1 Is for the really thick stuff.  A Miller Punchin' Weight in the 1.5 ounce size.  It comes in both the Punchin Green and plain brass colors.  I like the Punchin Green, but there is something about that brass weight at times.  The added flash acts like a spinner blade, only it's under a mat of thick grass.  This is definitely going somewhere no spinnerbait has gone before. I like to rig it with a Paycheck Punch Stop.  I don't peg it completely down, instead I peg it a few inches above the weight.  This seems to allow the weight to really do it's thing and get into the grass.  I use a Punch Skirt on almost all of my punchin' and for the hook, I use a 4/0 Punch Hook.  The bait can be interchanged with your favorite bait, I usually use a Sweet Beaver or a Power Team Bully Grass Devil.  This setup has a watermelon with red flake beaver and a Bub's Watermelon Punch Skirt.

#2 Has been my go-to this past year and is classic flippin' and punchin' colors; decked out in all black and blue.  This one has a Punch Stop pegged tight to the weight, 1.5oz Tungsten weight and the Gas Money Colored Punch Skirt with the same hook.  The Beaver has been a killer and I have used a variation of black and blue all year.  My favorites are Black/Blue, Penetration, Hematoma and Hillbilly Special.

Using these two setups with a good heavy rod should cover most of the Punchin' situations you are faced with.  If you are fishing the upcoming Southern Open on Toho, this might be the perfect place for these two setups.

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