December 28, 2010

A Silent Stalker

This past week I bought a few of the new Strike King Silent Stalker lipless crankbaits.  I was really curious about these baits because a lipless crankbait is usually very loud and full of vibration.  The bait still has vibration, but is silent. It kind of goes against common thinking, but I bought them in two variations of the sexy arsenal.  Gold Sexy Shad and Chrome Sexy Shad made the final cut and went home with me.  I was starting to get sexied-out with every single company on earth making them, but Strike King was the originator and have stepped out of the box and have a bunch of sexy new colors.  

So why would you want a silent lipless crankbait?  I bought them for one major reason; pressured fish.  Here in Florida and in many other places, lipless crankbaits get thrown by every bass angler on the water.  The biggest reason is because they work.  After practice and Day 1 of the tournament, bass have got to notice the sound and get used to it.  My thinking is that they will really produce when bass can still see the bait, but are turned off from the constant rattling.  I have a few tournaments this year on Lake Toho (a lipless crankbait heaven) and should get to see how well they work.

The Red Eye Shad design is proven and does catch fish and Strike King says the stealth will pull in those otherwise weary fish.  I will let you know how they work. I'm excited to try something new this Spring.

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