December 9, 2010

What a Head Case!

Just as Paycheck Baits has been done a few times before (see: Vixen to Repo Man, BMF Hook to Punch Hook), Paycheck has saved the day with the new Head Case bullet head.  Reaction Innovations has long been known as innovators, but in my opinion I have seen a serious problem with items being in stock.  I have talked with tackle store owners and have heard this many times. Paycheck Baits somehow revives the product and makes it available to the masses.

The former Reaction Innovations Screwed Up Bullet Head was the perfect addition to a Skinny Dipper, undoubtedly the most popular bait over that last two years in South Florida.  The design of the plastic head is really unique. It's clear, weightless and unnoticeable.  The biggest benefit for using one of these on your soft swimbait or Senko is that is keeps the weeds off the bait and also on the knot, which the grass and slime like to hold onto.  Another reason to use something like this is that it makes your bait much more durable. At around 75 cents per bait, you want to preserve as many as you can, especially when you are down to your last bag of the hot Gold Digger color.  The problem with the Screwed Up bullet head is you could never find it.  I was just looking for a pack on Sunday at Okeechobee Fishing Headquarters and they were long gone.

Like I mentioned, Paycheck has come to the rescue of bass fisherman by releasing the Head Case.  They are in stock at Tackle Warehouse and ready to fish. Thanks again Paycheck Baits!
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