December 9, 2010

It's Time for My 2010 Christmas List

Last year I posted a Christmas Wish List of my Top 5 items for 2009.  I was a good boy and ended up getting four of them throughout the year (didn't end up getting the Citica).  I have been making a list for a few months now and had to expand this year's list to my Top 10 items (in no particular order).

1. Shimano Caenan Reel. Shimano has long been know for making great reels.  The new entry to the lineup is the Caenan.  It's priced right and ready to fish.  I have played around with this reel at the store and I was really impressed. At $89.99 you can't go wrong with this reel.

2. iRod Punch Rod For heavy cover and big bass you need a strong rod.  The Punch Rod delivers everything you need to punch a heavy weight all day.  I had the chance to use my buddy's iRod a few weeks ago and didn't want to give it back after using it.  It's light, strong, and ready to work.  I need to get one of these in time for the upcoming tournament season.

3. Paycheck Baits Head Case.  The perfect addition to your soft plastic swimbaits and Senkos.  The proven design is a must have on lakes with grass. 

4. ZMan Chatterbait TrailerZ series.  The Chatterbait is a proven fish catcher, and now with the addition of the extended skirt as a trailer, you can show them something they can't resist.  I have some in Sexy Shad and Black/Blue on order and I know they are going to be great for pre-spawn fish.

5. Norman Lures Flat Broke Crankbait.  I know, I already have some and love them, but can't I ask for some more?  This crankbait works wonders around wood and rocks.

6. Bass Brigade Gear.  I have become a big fan of the Bass Brigade movement and I have been looking for a way to show it.  The new Bass Brigade lineup of shirts and hats will make it happen.  I am impressed with their first release of goods and waiting to see what they have in store for us next.  

7. Power Team Lures Craw D'oeuvre.  After watching that video of JP DeRose and those monster smallies, I have to get some of these.  I know they won't be good for just smallies and I have plans on flipping and pitching these this year. I'm loving the Black Blue swirl color.

8. Sufix 832 Braid.  Some would argue that braided line is braided line and it doesn't make a difference when you are fishing heavy cover.  I would disagree.  After having line snap on hook-sets and braid that gets old and unusable after a few trips, I have been looking for something more reliable.  The 2010 ICAST Best New Line winner is up to the challenge.  They say it is the most durable braided line ever because of technology like the added Gore Performance Fibers (think Gore-Tex) fibers and precision braiding.  I am anxious to get some of this line and put it to the test on Lake O. 

9. Sebile Soft Weight System Sebile has been dominating the awards at trade shows across the globe with their new products.  The Sebile Soft Weight System is a combination of super sharp hooks and Tungsten gum rubber weights.  The system comes in different sizes of hooks and weights.  I am looking to use this system on my Flukes and Senkos.  

10. Stanley Back Weighted Double Take Hooks.  I am already a believer in the two hook design of the Double Take hook.  I have used them and honestly believe my hook-ups have increased using soft plastic frogs.  The weighted back design will allow for longer casts and will make sure the frog stays upright no matter what you do to it on the retrieve.

If I am good, I should have all of these items in stock in time for my busy Spring tournament season.  What's on your Christmas list? Did I miss anything?
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