January 2, 2011

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Contest!

As promised, I am going to give away a spool of Seaguar fluorocarbon.  You get your choice of AbrazX or InvizX in either 8, 12, or 20lb test.  Just let me know which one you want.  I will also be giving away a Seaguar visor, see details below for that prize.  But first, you have to win!  Here are the contest details:

Answer all three questions about Seaguar, they can be found on the Seaguar website.

#1 What year did Seaguar invent fluorocarbon line? To specify, in what year did they introduce Seaguar fluorocarbon to the Osaka Fishing Tackle Exhibition?

#2 Two part question.  What does Tatsu mean in Japanese? How is Tatsu different (Made exclusively from - - 100% Seaguar resins)?

#3 What Seaguar technology ensures that all spools are spooled smoothly onto the spool?

Once you have your answers, send them to tylerbrinks1@gmail.com.  Also hit the "Facebook Share" button for the second prize which is a Seaguar visor!  Only those who share can win that prize, and it is possible to win both.  Just make sure to include in your email that you shared and I will do a second drawing.

The deadline for entry is Wednesday, January 5th at Midnight (Eastern Time).  Winners will be selected from a draw on random.org. The winner will be announced Thursday.

Good luck!

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