January 1, 2011

A New Year's Resolution to Help Your Fishing

New Year's is always a time for resolutions.  Maybe it's to quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier; whatever it is most people try to set goals to improve themselves for the new year.  One thing I did a few years ago to  improve my fishing was to switch to fluorocarbon line.  I know many of you have already done it already and know the benefits, but I am amazed at the amount of people I know and fish with that have never used it or had a bad experience and won't go back.  Most of these bad experiences come from people who have tried the cheap versions of the line that are not 100% fluorocarbon.  Fluorocarbon offers so many advantages: strength, virtually invisibility under water and less stretch than mono.

I'm partial to Seaguar for a number of reasons.  One, they were the originator of fluorocarbon...they invented it!  That's all they do is fluorocarbon.  They don't make braid, they don't make mono, and they don't make any co-polymers or hybrids.  They know what they do best and they do it.  Also, they have lines for specific applications.  InvizX for the super clear waters, and AbrazX for anytime you are fishing around rocks or wood that cause line to get nicked.  If you are just starting out and price is an issue, try the value priced Red Label.  I used this quite a bit last year and was really impressed.  At around $12 per 200 yards it is a great price and is enough line to be able to spool two baitcast reels if you use a little backing on your reels.  This is the original formula for fluorocarbon and it is still a great product after all these years. If you want the best fluoro on the market; Tatsu is where it's at! This stuff is the perfect fluorocarbon line.  All of the products are great and I trust them when money is on the line.

There are many myths about fluorocabron and I posted something about it a few months ago.  You can read it here.  It covers common misconceptions like: poor knot strength, memory and stiffness.  It's a good read and makes sure you have your facts straight.

To help make your New Year's resolution come true, I am going to have a contest this week to give out a spool of Seaguar flurocarbon.  Either AbrazX or InvizX, your choice!  Check back Monday for details on the contest.  Happy New Year!
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