February 22, 2011

A Foggy Situation

Pete Robbins from "Pete Weighs In" on the Inside Line questions just how safe the new Lowrance Radar units really are in his post "Do Not Try This At Home".  Blogger Chris McDonald also posted his thoughts on this topic earlier today in a post called "Was the Classic Unsafe?".  Both made great points about safety in fishing tournaments.  I had thought this same thing when I saw just how bad the conditions were during the Classic.  As Pete says "Is technology outstripping common sense?"  I have to agree with this one.  Call me what you want, but I hate driving or riding in a boat in foggy conditions.  

Photo Bassmaster.com

I remember a tournament last year on Lake Seminole.  Day 1 was very foggy and we were driving through the Flint River; weaving back and forth along the channel bends.  It was very foggy and out of nowhere a boat light appeared right in front of us.  It freaked both of us out and we decided to pull over and fish the river until the fog lifted.  Sure it meant we would arrive at the prime spots later, but we were safe.  I feel like most of the field was more worried about getting there versus getting there safely.  What is it going to take to make people be more careful?

Photo Bassmaster.com
Sure the technology is cool and I'm sure it's worth every penny of the $1,600 it sells for, but is it going to get you in more trouble than just waiting it out?  Like Chris said in his post, what about those floating logs and small boats that move in the way?  The photo above shows Brent Chapman showing how it's used (also it looks like he needed some help to remember what time he had to come back to weigh-in or needed some extra inspiration).  

Photo Bassmaster.com
This photo shows Ike cruising at top speed after the fog has lifted, but is going that fast in fog really safe?  I'm not sold on the idea of having this technology on your boat.  If the conditions are that bad, it's worth waiting until it is safe.  What do you think about Radar?  Should it be banned?
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