February 23, 2011

The Best Bed Fishing Bait Ever

If you ask ten fishermen what they like to use for bedding bass you will probably get ten different answers.  Some go for the gaudy bright baits, some prefer the natural baits, and others want something very lifelike.  All of these will catch fish.  In a tournament situation, it comes down to catching them quickly. My new favorite bed fish bait is the Dinero by Get Five Lures.

I have always preferred to use Texas-rigged plastics on beds.  Tubes, craws, beavers, worms, and brush hogs all work.  This past weekend I was able to catch a few fish on beds and the Dinero did the job in no time. One particular fish was within casting distance of both myself and my partner for the day.  We both cast at it several times with different baits.  Once I thought about it, I tied the Dinero on and the fish was in the boat.  Sure, we had spent a few minutes getting the fish riled up, but I think the Dinero is a great tool for many reasons.

The first thing about the bait that I like is the type of plastic that is used.  It's very soft, but also floats.  This allowed the weight to rest on the bottom and the tail to float up right in front of the fish. The second part of the design that makes it great for bed fishing is the action.  The tail of the Dinero has some great movement when you shake your line.  When you start to reel it in, the tail looks like the tail of a fish trying to get away.  

As far as colors are concerned, I judge that based on the color of the water.  If it's dirty or windy out and the bed is hard to see, White Rose is my choice.  If it's crystal clear, I like a natural color like Green Pumkin or Sludge.

Check out this video and imagine that action on a bed in front of a bedding bass.

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