March 20, 2011

Berkley Havoc Ike's Devil Spear...The Review

By: Tyler Brinks 

I was going to save this review for next week when I start "TBrinks Fishing Soft Plastics Week", where I am going to review seven new soft plastics in seven days and give away some new stuff at the end of the week.  Instead, I couldn't wait to get this review out after the fishing day I had today.  I am also starting something new, where I am going to rate my product reviews on several categories.  I'd like to hear what you think of the rating system.

TBrinks Rating System: Each category will have a value of up to five.  

Here are the categories:

Total Scores:
20-25 : Must have
15-19: Good buy
10-14: Worth a shot
Less than 10: Save your money

Now for the review: 

When the Havoc line of baits were launched last month at the Bassmaster Classic, I was like most bass fishermen out there and was really interested in trying the new baits.  When they announced the four new baits, I have to admit, the Devil Spear designed by Mike Iaconelli wasn't the most exciting to me.  I don't know what it was about this bait, but I didn't think of it being that great.  I won a pack of the baits in a Bassmaster Classic contest through Bassmaster, so I decided to give it a shot today.  I was impressed!

The first thing I noticed about the bait (and the Havoc lineup in general) is the lack of the famous Berkley Powerbait scent.  I have never been one who relies on the scent, but it was kind of weird using a Berkley bait that didn't smell like dead fish.  

The shape of the bait is unique as it really does look like a "devil's spear" and the tail segments provide great action.  Looking at the bait, I immediately thought of the Lake Fork Lures Live Magic Shad and Poor Boy's Tru Action swimbait.  I have used both baits in the past and the action is great. The one difference between the tail segments is the Devil's Spear has horizontal segments versus the vertical segments on the other baits.  When reeled through the water, the tail action was really good.  I found myself swimming the bait more often than just fishing it along the bottom.  I caught fish both ways with the bait and could even see this bait being used as a trailer for a Swim Jig or a Chatterbait.

As far as the rigging of the bait, I fished it with a 3/16 ounce Junebug Eco Pro Tungsten worm weight to match the color of the bait.  I used a 4/0 offset worm hook and fished it on 15lb Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon.  In the picture, you can see that at one point I was rigging the bait sideways.  I did this just because the bait started to get torn up after a few fish, but saw it had a much different action and started doing it on new baits.  Overall the bait was very easy to fish and I didn't find a bad way to fish it.  I caught several fish, including one over four pounds on it and was definitely pleased with the performance.  

Scoring for the Berkley Havoc Ike's Devil Spear:
Price/Value:  5 
At just $2.99 how can you go wrong?  The baits are worth every bit of this price no matter which of the Havoc baits you decide to pick up.
After ripping the tail section off on my first missed fish, I wasn't happy about the bait, but it held up fine over the trip and I was able to catch multiple fish on the same bait.  I caught nine fish total and only used three baits.
Performance: 4 
The bait did as intended and worked no matter which way I tried to use it.
It was too close to the design of the Lake Fork baits to give it a higher score, but the spear and overall appearance was something new.
Availability: 3 
This is kind of unfair since it is brand new, but the only place I have found it is online.

Total: 17 - Good Buy!

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