March 18, 2011

Ike on Florida Fishing

I just read "Going Ike" on about Mike Iaconelli and some of his thoughts on Florida fishing.  I am so used to hearing pros with confidence and explaining why they are so great, it kind of caught me by surprise.  He mentions how he usually doesn't do well in Florida and it seems like a lack of confidence.  He ended up in 58th at the St. John's, missing the cut about two and a half pounds.  From listening to other pros talk on stage and in past articles, it seems like a bunch of them do not like the style and fishing in Florida.  Here is what Ike says about Florida:

It's just that the fish are fickle. The slightest change of temperature, the slightest change in wind direction, or the slightest change in sunlight will cause the bite to shut down or shift to something totally different. I guess I'm not used to that. Actually, there's no guessing to it — I'm not used to it.

The article explains a little more and is a good read (he also mentions Havoc a few times). You can see the entire article here.  What's your take on fishing outside of your comfort zone?  
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