March 31, 2011

Soft Plastics Week: Trigger X Big Moe

The whole Trigger X lineup of baits has really caught my attention in the last few months. The colors and styles are fairly conventional, but the added bonus of the aggression phermones give them that extra edge.  All of the baits swim very well with natural motion. The Flappin' Craw has been one of my best producers on the back of a swimjig this year and has given me the confidence in the rest of the baits.  I think the Trigger X phermones help when fish are not in a feeding mood.  They have some other great bait designs on the market and one of the newest is the Big Moe.

The Trigger X Big Moe is an interesting bait.  It's basically a lizard with some of the features of a craw or creature bait mixed in.  Like the name says; this is really a big bait, perfect for that kicker fish.  The bait is six inches long, but the tail is big and provides plenty of action.  I fished the bait on a Texas-rig and you could feel the tail as you retrieved the bait.  I believe this will be a killer bait for fishing a big Carolina-rig this year.

I was impressed with how well the bait swam through the water.  The action was very fluid and natural looking.  Overall, I like this bait and will try to get some more experience with how to fish it this season.

Scoring for the Trigger X Big Moe

Price/Value: 2
At $4.99 for a pack of 6, it's 83 cents per bait.  I think that's a little high, but the addition of the Trigger X formula isn't free.
Durability: 4
All of the Trigger X baits are pretty durable despite their softness.
Performance: 4
I can see myself using this bait this season.  The big tail was a nice addition to the common lizard.
Innovation: 3
It's really hard to try to "reinvent the lizard", but the tail size and subtleties of the bait were a nice attempt.
Availability: 2
The bait is not available on TackleWarehouse, which is one of it's downfalls.  However, I did find it on Cabela's and, but no tackle stores I have seen yet.

Total Score: 15  - Good Buy!

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