March 7, 2011

A Clutch Finish on Lake Toho

I finished 27th at the BFL this weekend on Lake Toho and managed to get a check.  With the way the day was going, I was very happy to get the second to last check.  I started off pretty well and caught my first fish within about 20 minutes.  It slowed down and I caught a few more here and there.  At 12, I only had three and then I started missing fish left and right.  In my head, I heard doubt, thinking I wouldn't get a limit.  I fished harder and casted further with my Talon Lures swim jig and caught another one.  We made it to our last stop and I was determined to catch another one in that last hour.  On my last cast, with less than five minutes to go before we had to be in for weigh-in, I caught my fifth fish.  What a relief.  I felt like screaming "Never Give UP!!!!!!!" but I didn't even have enough time to do that and threw the fish in the livewell and threw my life jacket on.  That fish was the difference and I ended up with 10lbs 5oz.  I guess the moral to the story is to fish hard all day and really, never give up.

It's pretty funny because this same thing happened to me last year on the Kissimmee Chain and I caught one on my last cast to fill my limit.  Both times ended with a check.  When I told my partner I did this last year as well, he asked me if I just liked the suspense.  I guess I do, but next time I hope I fill out the limit a little sooner.  

I also fished a club event this weekend on Lake Istokpoga and finished with a three fish limit of 6.60lbs, not horrible, but definitely not enough on this lake.  It took close to 12 to win and big fish was over 9 pounds!  
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