March 17, 2011

New Additions to the Havoc Lineup

I just received some of the new Havoc baits and I can't wait to try them out.  The original four baits created quite a buzz following the Bassmaster Classic and it looks like the momentum will keep going.  I have some of the Devil's Spear Iaconelli designed, but I am even more excited about the next three baits that will be in stock soon.  Here is a sneak peak at what's next.  I will have a complete review of each of them as I get them in the water.

The Grass Pig is a bait designed by Bobby Lane.  It's a soft plastic swimbait like a Skinny Dipper or Big EZ.  From my first look, it's much thinner and also has a slit under the belly for easy rigging.  The color I have is called Swamp Gas and is going to be perfect for grassy lakes.  

Bobby Lane said: “I can fish the HAVOC Grass Pig multiple ways, but I love fishing this bait with a weighted belly hook, throwing it around brush or through the cover. In deeper water I slow the bait to attract the bigger fish. The back and forth roll of the Grass Pig, even at a very slow retrieve, is a great way to get bass to bite.”

The second bait is designed by Skeet Reese and is called the Slop Craw.  It's a pretty small bait, at just 3.5 inches, and it feels even smaller because of it's compact size.  The bait is designed for Punchin' and Flippin' heavy grass.  This is what Skeet had to say about the bait: 

“When designing this I needed a bait that could slip through heavy mats. The profile is slight enough to slide through the mats with ease yet large enough to attract the bass’s attention. I added the keel so the bait won’t collapse around the hook dropping it through heavy cover.”

The last of the new baits was also designed by Skeet, it's called the Wide Load and is kind of a cross between a brush hog and magnum paddle tail.  It's pretty interesting and the tail is pretty thick.  Skeet said “The Wide Load is one of my favorite creations, it is truly unique shape that catches fish like crazy. The super-sized tail moves a ton of water, which fish just can’t stand. Fish it straight from the package for a extreme water movement while the bait swims or split the tail for more erratic tail fluttering during the drop.”

On Tackle Warehouse it says that the baits will be available in late March, but they are available now for pre-order.  The best thing about the Havoc lineup is the price, they are listed for just $2.99 per pack at Tackle Warehouse.  

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