March 2, 2011

The Monster Bass Pack Contest Starts Now!

The Monster Bass Pack Contest Starts Now!

This contest is for something called a Monster Bass Pack that includes everything you need to start catching big fish.  The guys at Moaner Hooks, Rage Tail and JJ's Magic have teamed up to create something called a Monster Bass Pack.  They have created four specialty kits to cover a wide range of fishing situations; topwater, finesse, ledge fishing and the creature pack.  The winner will get a Creature Monster Bass Pack that includes: two packs of baits, three packs of hooks and a bottle of dip and dye!

  • Moaner Hooks are super sharp and have a screw-lock bait attachment for easy rigging.  Included in the prize is a pack of 4/0 Stroker hooks, 5/0 Stroker Hooks and 1/4oz Weighted Strokers.
  • The Rage Tail lineup creates awesome action and aggressive water movement from their soft plastic baits.  They have included a pack of the Rage Smokin' Rooster in Green Pumpkin and a pack of the Rage Space Monkey in Okeechobee Craw.
  • To complete the package, JJ's Magic has included a bottle of Chartreuse dip n dye. JJ's Magic is something I had heard about everywhere online, I finally tried it last fall and was really impressed.  This stuff works. As they say "A little magic goes a long way"

Here's how the contest works: Answer these three questions and send your responses to all three questions to

  1. For the Moaner Weighted Stroker hook, how many weight sizes are available?  Check out to find the answer.
  2. What size (in inches) is the Rage Tail Smokin' Rooster.  The answer can be found here.
  3. How many colors does JJ's Magic come in? Check out the JJ's Magic website to find out.

The contest runs until Wednesday, March 9th at Midnight (Eastern Time)

*Winner will be chosen by a drawing

Good luck!

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