March 29, 2011

The Owner Wounded Minnow

Owner is best known for top quality hooks that are top quality.  They have also proven they can make some great hardbaits with the Cultiva series.  In the last few years they have began to start making unique soft plastics to complement their great hooks.  I had the chance to review two of their newest models; the Nervous Rex and the Wounded Minnow.  The first review I am going to do is of the wounded minnow.

Looking at the bait up close, you can see the design and detail is second to none.  Not only is this a minnow imitation, but more of a tactical finesse bait.  It can be rigged several ways and each way provides a different unique action.  The bait can be rigged in traditional ways like Texas-rigged or with a jighead rigged through the head of the bait.  However, the most unique way to fish this bait is with their specially designed wacky jighead.  It features a weedguard which is light enough not to interfere with the hookset, but heavy enough to keep grass or debris off the hook. The bait itself is pretty small at 3.5 inches, but can be the perfect size to match the size of small baitfish. 

When fishing it wacky style you will notice something amazing.  Owner claims that "by nature, all baits swim towards the angler when twitched… but not the Wounded Minnow!  When rigged on the side and twitched, the bait swims 90 degrees (sideways) from the angler.  The Wounded Minnow can be stealthily swam into areas that were previously only reached upon casts."  

That was something I had to see to believe and I can say that now I am a believer.  With some practice and playing with the bait, I was able to twitch it wherever I wanted it to go.  I don't know if it's just the bait, the jighead, or a combination of the two that allowed me to do it, but I was impressed with that feature.  Overall, the bait was much more unique than I thought it would be and I can see myself keeping this one as an extra trick up my sleeve for when tough fishing situations present themselves.

Scoring for the Owner Wounded Minnow

Price/Value: 2
This is probably the biggest downfall of the bait.  At $4.99 for a pack of 6, it's 83 cents per bait.  I think that's a little high for a bait that is less than four inches.
Durability: 2
The bait itself is durable, but when fishing it on a wacky rig it can rip off easily.
Performance: 4
It worked as intended and was impressive.  It was like having a little pet bait doing tricks for you.
Innovation: 4
I don't know how they did it, but the bait can move side to side at will.
Availability: 3
Online at TackleWarehouse, and no stores I have seen yet.

Total Score: 15  - Good Buy!

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