March 30, 2011

Soft Plastics Week Continues: The Berkley Powerbait HeavyWeight Thump Worm

Berkley has always been known for making some great plastics that are full of that famous PowerBait Scent.  The Berkley Powerbait HeavyWeight Thump Worm definitely has that aroma, and I think that is the best quality of this bait.  

When I first saw this bait I was pretty excited as I have had some success on the HeavyWeight lineup.  They are very heavy (like the name implies..of course), and much denser feeling that your average soft plastic.  I was also pretty excited about the slit tail that can be easily cut to turn it into a buzzing type worm (like my faithful Ultravibe Speedworm).  This dual purpose for this bait made it a great choice for a review.

When fishing the worm, one of the biggest benefits was the density; this thing casts a mile.  I think this could also be a drawback as it doesn't seem to feel as natural and not to mention it is not as soft as plastics you may be used to.  The overall appearance was good and the color selection covers the most popular choices.  The bait is 7" but feels more like a finesse worm to me, I don't know what it is about it.  The when I decided to cut the tail, it did buzz on top, but not as easily as other worms.  I caught a few small fish on it, but nothing to brag about. Overall, the bait did as intended but didn't excite me much before I did this review.

Scoring for the Berkley Powerbait HeavyWeight Thump Worm

Price/Value: 1
The baits sell for $5.49 for a pack of 6.  Do the math, that's almost $1 per bait.
Durability: 1
I used them for a few hours and caught two fish on them and somehow only have 2 left.  I know both fished ripped them off the hook and the fish weren't that big.
Performance: 2
They worked as intended and the extra casting distance was a bonus. The bait did not buzz on top as well as I would have liked.
Innovation: 2
It's basically just a paddle tail worm with a perforated slit.
Availability: 3
Can be purchased on

Total Score: 9 - Save your money!

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