April 26, 2011

B.A.S.S. Central Open Postponed - A Pro's Thoughts

Photo: Chris Bowes, B.A.S.S.

If you haven't heard, the Bassmaster Central Open on Table Rock Lake has been postponed due to extreme high water levels. The lake has come up close to twenty feet in the last few days and is within a few feet of going over the dam.  Just yesterday I read an article on Bassmaster.com and Chris Bowes of B.A.S.S. said all things were to go on as normal. That all changed today when the powers that be said it has to be cancelled.  I wanted to get the thoughts from someone who is actually there practicing, getting ready for the event, so I called young superstar Joey Nania for his thoughts.

Talking to him, you could tell he was a little disappointed because the fishing has been really good despite the water levels.  He said it has been raining non-stop since Thursday and the weather band and rain have been directly on them constantly.  Joey said the flooding is getting close to the top of the dam and could go over soon, which would cause some major problems to those below.  The local Bass Pro Shops has water in the parking lot and it's getting close to actually flooding the store.

Speaking of parking lots, that's what Joey was fishing today.  He said he was out fishing and looked down six feet under the water and saw the parking lines and lines showing which way traffic should go.  He was still able to catch some nice fish, including a six pounder today.  The water levels really moved the fish up shallow and it was allowing guys to power fish more and get in the newly underwater thick stuff.  Joey said safety wasn't an issue as there weren't many debris floating, but he respected the decision of the officials.

The tournament has been postponed until the fall, most likely October.  I feel for the guys who spent days and weeks there trying to get a pattern only to have the tournament cancelled.  The FLW Tour was also scheduled to go there next week and now that event may be in jeopardy; stay tuned!
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