April 25, 2011

Why do discontinued lures always seem to work best?

I spent the weekend fishing in my backyard canal quite a bit; taking breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to spend time with my wife between catching bass.  It was an awesome weekend for fishing and I was able to catch quite a few fish on several new baits I will be reviewing over the next few weeks.  One thing I noticed was the large amount of small bass and bluegill.  They were really small and the bass were gorging on them.  I knew right away that I had the perfect lure for the situation.  

I went back inside and dug out one of my favorite little topwaters, a Yamamoto Sugoi Mini Splash II.  Not the regular sized one, but the tiny one that is less than 2 inches long and very thin.  I have always caught fish on it when the conditions were right...but this weekend I was destroying the bass on it, and not just little fish, but 2.5-4lb fish. Each and every fish I caught on it had the bait well within the mouth. I don't know what it is about this bait, but when conditions are right, it outperforms all other brands.  The popping action is very subtle and doesn't make much noise.

After catching fish on it, the bait is much more mangled than before and it prompted an internet search to see where I can buy some more.  It was discontinued of course.  I remember I bought the bait for $2 in a discount tackle store in Idaho. I wish I would have picked up a few more at that price.  A quick search showed the legend of these baits across the globe.  They are in high demand in Australia and people are willing to pay $199 for them?  What!?  I was throwing my last one in a backyard canal? I thought the $199 was some sort of miscalculation in currency or something, but I found these selling on the Bass Boat Central (BBCBoards) for $90 in American dollars and this in 2011.  

It reminds me of another of my favorite topwaters, the STI Pupfish and how it seemed to get more popular after it was discontinued. (See "Legend of the Pupfish" from April 2010).

I guess, if you have a favorite topwater bait, always buy them all as it may be the last chance you ever have at having a backup.
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