April 29, 2011

Fishin' in the Wind

If you fish for bass often, there is no doubt you are faced with windy conditions from time to time. Since Spring has sprung in most of the country, wind is a common element no matter where you are fishing.  Some guys really hate the wind and would rather not even go out in the conditions if they think it's too windy.  I personally like the windy days as it shakes things up under water and shakes up the psyche of other competitors.  My favorite thing to do is of course throw reaction baits like a lipless crankbait, Z Man Chatterbait or a Death Shimmer II Spinnerbait.  I'm not the only one who likes to fish in the wind; Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie and Eco Pro Tungsten Pro-Staffer Brandon Palaniuk is a fan of throwing swimbaits on those windy days.

In a Fishing Wire article he says:

"One presentation that produces strikes for me is positioning my boat in shallow water, such as up on a point, and casting deep so the swimbait comes up the slope of the point. What this does sometimes, I believe, is force bass to strike. They tend to follow swimbaits a lot, but as the lures gets more and more shallow, the fish literally run out of water. They either have to strike then before it escapes or let it go. Most of my strikes fishing this way come when the swimbait is very shallow."

I'm going to try that one next time it gets rough out there.  You can see the entire article here.
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