April 20, 2011

I Like Snag Proof Frogs

If you know me at all, you know I really like Snag Proof frogs.  They are the best frogs on the market in my opinion and they are all I use.  Now is your chance to share your "like" of Snag Proof by checking them out on the Snag Proof Facebook page and becoming part of the page.  They let me know there are some big things planned and contests on the way.  

Also, check out these new additions to the Snag Proof lineup:

The Guntersville Frog is a new bait with shorter legs and built-in rattles that are inside the things of the bait.  I saw a frog Chris Lane was using in a photo and he had cut the rubber skirted tails to achieve this affect.  I think the new Guntersville frog is even better looking and it has that extra rattle sound built in.

The Snag Proof Perfect Buzz is another neat concept.  It's basically the Kickin' Frog and Buzzbait combined and will definitely get attention when fished on the surface.

Look for more things coming from Snag Proof and keep up with the latest news on the 

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