May 8, 2011

Last Man Standing at West Point

Photo: James Overstreet,

Steve Kennedy made the move up from fifth place to win the event on West Point Lake today.  He grew up fishing this lake and had plenty of experience, leading many to predict he would win...and he did it.  Don Barone had a great article about Steve last month and who he is. If you notice, his jersey isn't full of sponsor logos, boat or motor companies, he's just there to fish.  Looking at his photo below, you can see he has no Power Pole, no brand new engine, the boat is a few years old.  Not the latest technology, but still fully functional and he makes it work. I remembered a few years ago, and how he turned down a sponsorship for Toyota because he wanted to pull his boat with a Motor Home and travel with his family.  I did some research and found this from 2007.  

Like Don Barone says in his article:

“To know Steve, to understand Steve, you need to know that Steve is of the moment, life for Steve comes one moment at a time. And every moment counts.  Because it’s Steve's moments, not the crowd's.”

Photo: James Overstreet,

Congrats Steve Kennedy on winning at West Point and making the Classic!

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