May 17, 2011

A New Twist on a Classic Bait

Like I mentioned in my post Sunday about my latest tournament on Okeechobee, my buddy was schooling me on a bait.  I was using a Norman Flat Broke crankbait and was catching fish, but he was outfishing me with a different bait.  I first heard about it almost two years ago at the ICAST show in 2009.  The bait in question; a Hover Trap by Langill Lures.  

I admit that when I first saw the bait I didn't know how (and why) I would use it.  This weekend was a perfect time to use it.  Regular crankbaits and lilpless cranks were getting hung up in the rocks like you wouldn't belive.  I was hanging up so much I think Russ probably thought he was fishing with a kid or someone who doesn't ever fish.

The beauty of this bait is that it is basically a lipless crankbait that will float, or hover. Once hung up, if you would just wait; most of the time it would float right back up out of the snag.  I was impressed and will definitely be buying some.

Here is what Langill Lures says about the bait:

Suspending lipless crankbait that is made in three different models to fish at controlled depths in various speeds.  Designed to be fished under all conditions anytime of the year.  Each model has a unique pregnant belly that puts off a different action than any other lure.  Tungsten weight has been added to give a distinctive sound hat alerts the fish log before they can actually see the lure.
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