May 17, 2011

Does Color Really Matter?

It seems like today must be a great day to talk about the topic of selecting colors in bass fishing lures. Wired2Fish had a piece about the differences between small amounts of flake to change the hues and appearance of the baits.  I also read a post on Big Indiana Bass that states basically that action can be more important than color.  Both sides are interesting and both have an argument. 

Wired2Fish mentioned green pumpkin as an example and the use of orange flake and green flake and how they seemed to look different under water and would be better suited for different bottom conditions.  They also said "the flake actually appears to change the overall mask of the whole bait.". True.  The colors can change drastically by appearance and they went on to mention how different colors "can also be attributed to prey changing colors at different times of the year".  I know crayfish change based on many situations; water temp, season, habitat, etc.  I see their point.  They added "the fact is some days, and even more routinely some seasons, slight variations in color matter."

Big Indiana Bass on the other hand seems to stand on the other side of the fence and believes that marketing plays a huge role in the amount of colors people buy.  They say "you don't need to own every color a soft plastics manufacturer makes. You can live perfectly fine with a color or two (or even three) that has proven its catching ability in any given style of bait."  I love this blog because they always have studies, science and research to back everything up and this topic is no exception.  They have reasons to believe this way and basically come to a conclusion that "simply figuring out and having a color or two in the former category is all that you need on any given day, on any given water."

I am somewhere in the middle of the two.  For most of my fishing, I stick to two basic colors.  Junebug and Watermelon.  I use red flake for both, watermelon black flake, watermelon candy, purple for watermelon, plain junebug.  I typically just fish them and grab whatever is there, and spend more time casting than worrying about flakes.  I have, however seen times when red flake seems to work better.  Like I said, I'm in the middle.

Where do you stand?  Does color really matter, or is it marketing that makes people buy more colors?

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