May 16, 2011

The Next Big Thing? Subsurface Prop Baits

I just saw something pretty cool on Tackle Tour about some of the latest trends to come from Japan, one of them is something called subsurface prop baits.  The article is done by world renown Hideki Maeda, who if you don't know is a pretty big deal in the Japanese bass fishing world. I enjoyed checking out the latest Tackle Trends from Japan piece.

I really am just starting to get into prop baits down here in Florida, but know they have been around forever.  The Devil's Horse is a killer on big bass.  But this whole subsurface thing takes it to another level.  Big companies like Megabass, Lucky Craft, Gan Craft and Deps are now making the baits.  

I read the article and wanted to see more.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a good video of the action for the exact baits, but did find this one from another cool bait from Japan.  

What do you think about subsurface prop baits?  Will they catch on here in America?
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