May 1, 2011

Will Gas Prices Affect Your Fishing?

I was browsing through a forum on and saw an interesting question posed by one of the members: Are the higher gas prices making you a better fisherman?

I thought this was pretty interesting and got me to think about how it affects our fishing trips.  If gas prices continue to rise, will we fish an area more thoroughly instead of running around the whole lake looking for that next great spot?  I know it has already started to affect the decisions of some fishermen prefishing for events.  Instead of launching and driving across the lake to a spot, they are seeking ramps that are closer to where they intend to fish. 

It's still at the beginning of the rise, but some are predicting $5.00 per gallon of gas in the near future.  How will this affect your fishing and at what point will you decide it's not worth it to take the boat out?

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