June 15, 2011

Skitter Walkin' Through Topwater Week

The next bait in line for review is the Rapala Skitter Walk.  Rapala is probably best known for it's original Rapala minnows and crankbaits, but I have been a fan of some of their topwaters for years.  I like the Skitter Pop and now the Skitter Walk.  A true walking bait, it does everything you would expect from a topwater walker.  One thing I immediately liked about it was the size and shape.  Most walking baits are long and thin, but this is a compact bait with a thick body section.  It's just over three inches and weighs a little less than 1/2 oz (7/16).  I feel it's a great size to match the size of shad type baitfish.

The bait comes without a split ring and it will walk just fine with a regular knot tied to the line tie.  For added action, I tried it with a loop knot and also tried it with added a split ring.  I couldn't really tell which tie method would be best for this bait, they all seemed to work.  Tackle Warehouse says it is regarded as one of the easiest baits to walk-the-dog in their description.  I agree.  It is amazing how the baits of today are almost impossible to fish incorrectly.  

The bait also features a loud, large internal rattle.  You could really hear this bait knocking as I twitched it back in.  I think this is a great benefit for muddy water and when the fish are actively searching.  

The color selection is amazing for this bait.  Even though Tackle Warehouse only carries six colors, Rapala makes well over 20 and they are all pretty detailed.

 Scoring for the Rapala Skitter Walk

Price/Value: 3 
$7.49 is a good price in my opinion and is fair for what you get.
Durability: 4
Rapala baits always hold up.  
Performance: 3
Very simple to use.  It would be great for beginners and pros alike.
Innovation: 1
Not much change from the others on the market.  The only major change is the size and shape.
Availability: 4
Online at Tackle Warehouse, but you could also find it at Bass Pro, Wal-Mart and others.

Total Score: 15  - Good Buy!
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