June 16, 2011

Max Quality, Max Action...The Megabass PopMax

Megabass lures are in a class all their own.  I have owned several of them for years and each one I have purchased has been unreal. The Megabass PopMax is without a doubt the best topwater popper I have ever owned.  

If you are not familiar with Megabass and their design, just know that each lures is carefully created to be the most effective bait possible.  Starting with the actual design, it was hand carved by famed lure designer Yuki Ito. The features added to this bait are very unique; six water intake areas and a water pressure chamber. You might ask "Why would you want all of this?"  The water flow system allows for a totally different sound and action.  The water pressure chamber allows this bait to be fished just under the surface as another way to trigger a bite.

Photo: Bassdozer.com

When fishing this bait, I quickly noticed that it was more than just a popper.  It was just as easy to walk the dog with this bait as it was to pop it on the top.  The ability to fish it just under the surface with short twitches was also a cool surprise.  With water inside the chamber, the face cup acts more like a crankbait lip and brings the bait under water.  Very interesting for sure.

Like I said earlier, the quality of Megabass baits are second to none.  The finish is amazing and you feels as if you are fishing with a piece of art...and you are.  The bait comes in a great selection of unique and highly detailed color patters.  The bait I reviewed was a color called Glitter Bass and takes the baby bass pattern to another level.

The PopMax is bigger than most poppers you are used to.  It weighs in a 1/2 ounce and is three inches long.  The bigger size allows it to cast farther and also makes it makes it easier to fish with a little ripple on the surface.

I really can't even begin to explain how much I like this bait, but I am not alone.  In Tackle Tour's review, they rated it a 9.0+ and gave it the "Ultimate Enthusiast Award". This bait shows me that I need to think about creating my own award for a bait like this.

Scoring for the Megabass PopMax

Price/Value: 3 
Even at nearly $30, I am rating this a 3.  Call me crazy if you want to, but the technology of this bait is unmatched...and like they always say "You get what you pay for". Also...think about how often you lose topwater baits, very rarely would be my guess.
Durability: 5
Holds up well as you would expect from a lure in this price range.
Performance: 5
A versatile bait that will do everything you want it to...and more.
Innovation: 5
Like all Megabass baits, this bait has no equal.  The technology and design are amazing.
Availability: 1
Admittedly this is a hard bait to find.  Tackle Warehouse does carry it at times and you can find it on eBay, but you probably won't find it at many tackle shops.  Now that Megabass USA is the official distributor in America it should make it a little easier to find.

Total Score: 19  - Good Buy!

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