June 17, 2011

Topwater Week: Paycheck Baits....The One

Paycheck Baits really specializes in making quality baits that are made for catching big fish.  They make baits for punchin', froggin' and topwater...all big fish techniques.  You don't see them making small worms or finesse lures, everything they make is made with the intention of catching that kicker fish.  The One is no exception.  This is a beast of a bait and will get the attention of big fish.  

Weighing in at one ounce, this popper/walker will cast as far as you want to.  It has an amazing side to side walk.  The 5.75 inch bait walks and glides in a wide strut across the top.  It features three treble hooks, and at first glance, this bait was almost intimidating.  However, I thought about it and it's really not much bigger than a Super Spook.

The features and finish are what really sets this bait apart in my opinion.  The feathers coming out under the gills are a unique touch but also serve as pectoral fins.  The colors all look great.  My favorite is the one pictured, Dead Man Walking.  It also comes in two versions; rattling and silent.  I like rattling baits, but the silent one is also appealing..but its not like a nearly six inch bait splashing on the surface will go without sound.  I'm sure it will make a much more natural sound.

Overall, this is a big fish bait.  If you like catching small fish...don't buy "The One"

Price/Value: 2 
At $17.99, it is a high-end bait, but it you look at it on a size comparison to other baits it's not as bad as you might think.
Durability: 4
Heavy duty all the way. 
Performance: 3
Great action and every time I twitched it I was bracing for a big one.
Innovation: 2
It's a Pencil Popper with a great makeover.
Availability: 3
Online at Tackle Warehouse.

Total Score: 14  - Worth a Shot!

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