July 23, 2011

New from Rapala: The Rippin' Rap, X-Rap Prop and X-Rap Pop

Rapala continues to come out with quality baits for bass anglers.  While at ICAST, I was really impressed with these three new designs.  

The X-Rap lineup has expanded with the new X-Rap Prop and X-Rap Pop.  Both of these baits feature the finish and style of the popular X-Rap, but in proven topwater designs. I can't wait to throw the X-Rap Prop and think this will replace the Devil's Horse in my fishing since this bait is built with top quality components.  

The Prop is going to retail for $12.49 and the Pop will sell for $11.49.

 X-Rap Prop

X-Rap Pop

They also released a new lipless crankbait that looks great.  It is a little thinner than other baits on the market and they say it "shreds like no other bait".  It is designed to be ripped into and through cover and will come in three sizes.  The bait is going to retail for $6.99.

Rapala Rippin' Rap
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