July 23, 2011

New from ABT Lure Company: The X-2 Crankbait

ABT Lures, best known for their high quality swimbaits, just released a new crankbait called the X-2.  What's special about this crankbait?  Check out the video to learn more.  They claim the bait will get down to deeper depths much faster and will also be easier to fish all day long. Deep crankin' is always a workout and if you do it all day, you can really feel it in your forearms.  They designed this bait to get deep and stay deep.  The bait is also very heavy, at around an ounce, so casting this bait will not be an issue.  Check out the video and press release.  

I'm looking forward to getting a few of these baits and trying them.  Oh yeah, they are priced  fairly at just $6.99.  

ABT Lures: X2 Series Crankbaits from ABT Lures on Vimeo.

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You can see the entire press release below:

AHWAHNEE, Calif., July 13, 2011 – ABT Lure Company’s “Next Generation”

X-2 lure isn’t your ordinary deep-diving crankbait.  It’s specially designed not only to help you put more and bigger bass in the livewell, but also to eliminate the fatigue normally associated with fishing a deep-diver for extended time periods.

ABT has uniquely engineered the X-2 to get down to the strike zone quicker than ordinary deep-diving crankbaits, “hug” the bottom, and produce a tight wobble that bass can’t resist. The X-2’s proprietary design also significantly reduces resistance upon retrieve, making it significantly easier to fish than other crankbaits that dive to greater depths. 

“If you ask most anglers why they don’t use deep-diving cranks more often, they’ll tell you it’s because it seems too much like work,” noted Allen Borden, president of ABT Lure Company and designer of the X-2. “With this in mind, we created a deep-diver with incredible action that’s also easier to crank back to the boat than others on the market. That translates to an easier, more productive day on the water,” Borden said.

The X-2 dives down rapidly to a maximum depth of 12 feet, reflects off bottom structure, and elicits a violent reaction from any bass lurking nearby. Anglers can choose from a variety of fish-attracting colors/patterns proven to drive bass wild, including: perch, baby bass, sexy ghost, sexy shad, red craw, chartreuse shad and splatter back. Every X-2 also boasts 3-D eyes that complement the realistic action and finishes.

Unlike other premium deep-diving crankbaits, ABT’s X-2 is actually affordable. With an MSRP of just $6.99, you’ll be able to add several of these high quality baits to your fishing arsenal without breaking the bank.

ABT X-2 Deep-Diving Crankbait

1 oz.
Dives 10-12 ft.

  For more information on the X-2 Deep-Diving Crankbait, or the complete lineup of ABT lures, visit: www.abtlures.com.

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