July 11, 2011

The Power Team Lures Sick Stick

I'm going to start off ICAST week with a great new product from Power Team Lures. They announced a new bait recently and I have been lucky enough to fish it for my last few trips.  It's called the Sick Stick and is just that...this bait is sick!  

Everyone makes a "stick bait", but this one was made to be fished on a wacky rig.  The design is a little different than you might be used to and immediately made me think of the old ringworm design.  It is a square core with rings around it.  It works great on a wacky rig but they also mention how great it is on a Carolina-rig, Shakyhead and also Texas-rigged.

I mostly fished it on a wacky-rig with the new Eco Pro Tungsten Wacky Weight but it will work just fine anyway you want to fish it. It comes loaded with the Power Team Hog Tonic scent that is beyond strong.  It comes in 13 colors and includes all of your favorites.     

Scoring for the Power Team Lures Sick Stick

Price/Value: 3 
At less than $5 per 7, it is kind of hard to compare since many baits come in 10 packs; but it's about average priced.
Durability: 4
I caught several fish on one single bait, much better than some of the other brands.
Performance: 4
Perfect for a wacky-rig, but also works well in other ways.
Innovation: 3
Like I said earlier, everyone makes a stick bait.  I think they did enough to change earn a 3 here.
Availability: 2
Online at their website and Land Big Fish. It's still pretty new, so I'm sure you will see it in other places soon.

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!
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