July 13, 2011

NEW - Seaguar Senshi - World Class Mono

Seaguar fluorocarbon has been so good to me that I have almost completely forgotten about the days when I only used mono.  Even with the great benefits of fluorocarbon lines, monofilament still has it's purposes.  Topwater is best for mono (even though I have been known to use fluoro for certain baits).  Another thing I read recently was about how using mono in shallow water is sometimes better so you don't get the sinking affect deep into grass or other debris.  With that being said, mono definitely still has it's place and finding a great mono is something that is important to me.

Enter the new monofilament from Seaguar called Senshi.  Along with the Kanzen braid, it marks Seaguar's first real diversion from high quality fluorocarbon line.  I have been fishing this line for a few weeks now and it does everything it is supposed to.  They focused on creating a mono that us strong, sensitive and supple.  It is very manageable and casts very well.  Like the package says "World Class Monofilament".  Coming from Seaguar, it's nothing less than you would expect.

I am glad to have a mono line of this quality to complement the techniques that require mono.  Senshi is actually pretty thin compared to other lines.  I was really shocked to see the diameter of some of the other brands I am used to using.  Senshi is much thinner while looking at the 12lb diameters.  Check out Tackle Warehouse and see for yourself how it compares to other brands you are using.  The 12lb Senshi has a diameter of .011 compared to up to .014 of other brands I was using.  I think this is good because you can get away with using a size up and not sacrifice the small line diameter.

The knot and tensile strength is also something they are really touting, but I have also seen a pretty good abrasion resistance from this line.  I was fishing near concrete seawalls, rocks and brush and haven't had any issues with this line.  The line casts very well and is sure to impress you.  
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