August 28, 2011

Addicted to Okeechobee

Things have been a little slower than usual on here and it's because I have been spending all of my spare time on Lake Okeechobee the last few weeks and it is with good reason. I have a new boat and more importantly; the fishing on the lake has been incredible. Yesterday was an amazing day on the big lake and I was able to catch fish pretty much all day.  We launched out of Clewiston and since the lake is still pretty low we spent part of our time in the rim ditch and also focused on several of the cuts that lead to the main lake.  We got a little more brave this time and made our way to the mainlake and the fishing was incredible.  

Each time we found a fish, we would often catch several in one little area.  They were stacked up! Most of the fish were small keepers but the bass kept it interesting as we would hook into an occasional good one every once in a while.  It would be hard for me to just name a few baits that are working now.  I caught fish on everything I threw yesterday and it is really a testament to how good this lake really is.

Testing out the new Bass King BassTech shirt

For fishing in the rim ditch; a shaky head, Texas-rigged worm and Carolina-rig all caught their fair share of fish.  I even went to a big football head jig to try to catch some bigger fish and they still ate it.

Proof that a Football head jig works in Florida

I also caught fish on a square bill crankbait, a Spro Aruku Shad, Death Shimmer 2 Spinnerbait, Magnum Speedworm, Skinny Dipper, smaller Speedworm, Z-Man ZinkerZ and more.  Like I said, whatever I threw; they ate it.  I don't know how many fish we actually caught but my hands are all ripped and bloody today which is a good thing if you are bass fisherman.

I caught the biggest fish of the day on a 10 inch worm and 3/8oz Eco Pro Tungsten weight and 5/0 Kumho USA hook.  

It was a fun trip and we even saw a manatee on the lake.  Since the lake flows into the Gulf, I have heard about this happening, but until now had never actually seen it.  This one seemed to follow us everywhere we went for about an hour.

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