August 1, 2011

Kumho Hooks and the Reaper Keeper

Angler's Select (parent company of Eco Pro Tungsten) recently announced the news that they are now the official North American distributor of Kumho Hooks.  Kumho is a big name hook company out of Korea and they make some of the best quality needle point hooks on the market.  Sure, sharp hooks are very important, but I think the one added advantage to these hooks over anything else on the market is the new reaper keeper system.  I was a curious (and maybe a little skeptical) to see how this would work until I actually got to see them in my hands, and after using them in the weeks after ICAST; I'm a believer!

The Reaper Keeper system works like a screw-lock hook does, but it is much easier to rig.  Basically you Texas-rig the plastic onto the keeper like you always do.  The Reaper Keeper holds the bait in place securely and more's always straight.

The hooks come in a four models to fit whatever you want to use: flipping, creature baits, standard EWG worm, and a tube hook.

I think I'm most excited about these hooks for the flukes, senkos, toads and skinny dipper baits.  These are the baits that always seem to give me problems and end up coming back to the boat in a curled pile of plastic.  With this new system, I don't have to worry about it.  

Check out what Gary Klein has to say about the new hooks.

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