August 4, 2011

MLF - My Thoughts

Well, the long awaited and highly anticipated news of a major announcement finally happened today. Boyd Duckett released news about his newest business venture the MLF (or Major League Fishing).  I really like the general concept of getting non-fishing fans interested in fishing.  I really like Boyd's analogy to poker.  Who would have thought years ago that poker tournaments would get so many views and create mainstream celebrities?  

This is what Boyd had to say about that: "Can you imagine the looks people must've gotten when they came up with the idea to film card-playing? Man, that's like watching paint dry. But oh yeah, they've got 10 million viewers."

He also makes some good comparisons about good television being really about competition, personalities and conflict.  Go through all of your tv channels in a row and look how many shows are "reality based", we did it the other day and it was easily 60% or more.  That's what people want and that is also what gets viewers.  I'm all for anything that promotes bass fishing and hope he succeeds.

I also like the format of having a select number of "personalities" that will drive the show.  I am glad they picked guys like KVD, Skeet and Ike.  They are awesome on camera and will help the show to survive.  Also, with the leadership of Gary Klein (who is the president of the angler's in the event), the show is already off to a great start.

The concept is basically a no-rules, made for t.v. reality show (Ultimate Match Fishing?)

One interesting side note was the fact that Terry Scroggins and Gerald Swindle are not part of it after being the members of the original "cast:".  This is pretty disappointing as these two are two of my favorites.  The original report said it was due to their Toyota sponsorship, but a later post on told a much different story.  You can see it on the Dock Talk section.

What are your thoughts?  
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