August 21, 2011

My Okeechobee Weekend - In Pictures

We spent two days on Okeechobee this weekend.  The water is slowly rising and I felt it was time to get out on the big lake and do some fishing in the new Legend.  We fished both days, got chased off by thunderstorms, almost had a water moccasin get in the boat and also brought our dog Junebug with us on the boat for the first time.  Overall, it was a great weekend of fishing....and we caught a bunch of fish.  Nothing too big, but we were happy to hook into some fish.

A typical fish from the weekend.  We watched a local team tournament weigh-in on Saturday and there were several 20lb bags.  Fish like this just won't cut it.  I am still learning this lake at low water level and hope to figure something out in the next few weeks.

We braved the thunder, lightning and rain for most of Saturday and finally took a break and headed to the Tiki Bar for some lunch and also to see the weigh-in.

 Junebug's first day on the boat.  

Fighting another keeper.  I caught quite a few on an old-school Texas-rig and junebug worm.  I have been using the new hooks from Kumho USA and love them.  That Reaper Keeper is a lifesaver on soft plastics.  Once you catch one, the hook slides back in and you are ready to go.  The worms seemed to last longer in my opinion.
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