August 10, 2011

River2Sea Goes Big With Smaller

At ICAST this year, River2Sea came out with some smaller sizes for already popular bait designs.  Working with Larry Dahlberg, big fish expert and lure guru, they have come up with some unique designs meant for catching big fish.  Lures like the Diver Frog, Clackin' Crawfish and Whopper Plopper have been a huge success for those looking for something new and unique.  This year they are coming out with a smaller size for all three of these awesome designs.

The Clackin' Crawfish has an amazing action and will now be available in a 3.5 inch size compared to the 5 inch original size.  I'm looking forward to seeing this bait.  All of the colors are great and the I have a feeling the new smaller size offering will be a hit with the smallmouth crowd.

The Whopper Plopper was originally designed as a Muskie and Pike bait but the bass guys were using it with great success. The original size was a monster bait and I believe it intimidated most bass fisherman who thought it was too big.  The new smaller size will definitely make most bass anglers more confident to throw it.  The smaller design doesn't hinder the effectiveness of the lure and it should be a hit. As with all River2Sea lures, the color selection and quality is top notch.  According to the River2Sea website, the smaller 130 size should be available my October.

Check out this video for more details on the bait design as well as some cool tips to fish it more effectively.

The Diver Frog is another killer bait.  The action is unlike any other frog lure on the market.  The new smaller size is much more compact and looks like it would be a perfect size for bass of any size.  They also improved the design of the soft thermoplastic legs to make them more durable.  This is one mean little frog!

Check out what John from River2Sea has to say about the new design.

For all of the River2Sea lineup, check out TackleWarehouse.

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