August 11, 2011

TBrinks Fishing Review: Nojo's Soft Plastics

I have always been a fan of good quality hand poured soft plastics.  I grew up fishing the ultra clear waters on the West Coast and hand poured soft plastics aren't just an option, they are a must.  The benefits for soft plastics over injected soft plastics are numerous, and when fishing finesse techniques in pressured waters they definitely lead to more bites.  The softness and action of this type of plastic can't be matched for techniques like the drop-shot.  Enter Nojo's Quality Hand Poured Worms.  

Now living in Florida, most of my soft plastic fishing is with injected baits that are made to fish in and around grass.  There are a few opportunities for me to pull out the spinning rods and fish with finesse.  Last weekend on Lake Placid was one of them.  I knew going into the club tournament that I would be spending most of my time deep with a spinning rod.  It turned out that is all I did and Nojo's played a big role in my wife winning the tournament and me coming in fourth.  

I first learned of Nojo's last month at ICAST.  I talked to the owner and was able to arrange a product review for their baits.  I immediately knew they would work after putting them in my hands and feeling their softness and also by looking at the segments in the worm.  The action on these baits is incredible and they move very easily under water.  It is a very natural motion due to the segmented body that allows them to flow with ease.

For the test, I fished them on a drop-shot and also on a Carolina-rig.  Both of these techniques caught fish.  I believe the color selection also played a big role in the success.  I switched off between Goomba(purple) and Slump Buster (green pumpkin w/ purple flake).  That's one reason soft plastics that are hand poured do so well is due to the intricate color possibilities   Nojo's has a big selection of colors and comes in four sizes: 4.5", 6", 7" and 9.5".  

Scoring for the Nojo's Serpent Worm

Price/Value: 2
They retail for around $4 a pack at TackleWarehouse, which is about normal for soft plastics.  They only have six in a pack, which is less than average. On the Nojo's website, they are $4.95 for a pack.  The 4 1/2" and 6" come in a pack of nine, the 7" come in a pack of seven and the 9 1/2" come in a pack of five..
Durability: 3
Surprisingly durable for a hand poured bait.  I was able to catch multiple fish on each bait.
Performance: 4
The action is awesome.
Innovation: 4
It is so hard for a soft plastic to be innovative, but I feel like this bait is different enough to warrant the score.
Availability: 3
They can be found on TackleWarehouse as well as

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!

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