September 18, 2011

Beat the Heat and Save Your Skin

I know some parts of the country are starting to feel the effects of Fall and experiencing colder temperatures, but Summer is still in full effect here in Florida.  I posted a Product Review for Bass King Clothing on a few weeks ago and wanted to share it.

Beat the Heat and Save Your Skin

The clothes I wear when I am bass fishing often are the result of the conditions; I have always worn long clothes to protect myself from the sun or layer like crazy when it’s cold out. Because of this, style doesn’t always come into play because there simply wasn’t much choice. I think Bass King has finally closed the gap by bringing their stylish clothing to the bass fishing market. All of their clothing is worthy of being worn both on and off the water, but the new Bass Tech shirt is my favorite of the whole collection.

Bass King describes the BassTech shirt as a sun protection shirt and that it is. Even though they are long-sleeved, they are comfortable in the summer heat. They are really light-weight and have a sun protection of SPF 50.

I know it is a cliche, but you really forget it is even on. In addition to just feeling cool, the fabric repels water, features a stain release technology and also has air vents to help keep you cool all day.

I don’t stop fishing when it gets hot out and I want to make sure I am always protected from the sun. Skin cancer is a serious threat for someone who is on the water as much as I am and I don’t want it to happen to me.

My remedy for beating the Summer heat: protect your skin!

I have also been wearing the rest of the clothing line and love the style and the fact that no matter where I go people know my passion of bass fishing. Bass King has showed me that you can have style and still show the world how much you love bass fishing.

By Tyler Brinks

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