October 6, 2011

Lure Trends: Spinnerbaits

I just finished reading Part 2 of a piece called "Are Spinnerbaits Dead?" on Basseast.com (it was also posted on Wired2Fish.com).  The articles pose an interesting question and note how the spinnerbait has not accounted for many wins in the last few years.  It was an interesting topic and what I got out of it was more about the trends in fishing tackle.

The spinnerbait is a classic bait and has probably caught more bass than just about any lure ever made (except for the plastic worm), but it seems that there are so many other baits that are more trendy now.  Look at the popularity of the squarebill crankbaits, swimbaits, swimjigs, chatterbaits, etc.  All of these are reaction baits that can be fished in the same areas that a spinnerbait shines.  I don't think the spinnerbait is dead, it's just that there are so many choices now.

The trends in fishing are to always use the latest and greatest.  The spinnerbait is also evolving, if you look at the multiple blade styles, double arm spinnerbaits and vibration spinnerbaits like the Death Shimmer 2. These new designs on a classic bait are helping to keep it alive.

Don't let the spinnerbait die in your box, they still catch fish!

What are your thoughts? Do you think the spinnerbait is dead?
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