October 18, 2011

Show them something different; Get Custom with Pizz Customs

Custom painted hardbaits have become very popular, and with good reason; they look amazing and catch fish.  There are so many companies out there and guys painting baits in their garages that it has become hard to decide who to chose when you are ready to get that custom paint job on your favorite baits.  I had been hesitant to get some of my baits painted for the simple fact that I didn't know who to choose.  I had seen some custom painted baits from different companies, but until I saw a display of Pizz Customs I never did it.

I had the chance to talk with Paul at Pizz Customs and it was immediately obvious that this guy knew what he was doing.  He went into detail about the types of paint jobs he can do, the paint and finish he uses and more.  He had thought of every detail.  Some guys just paint them and don't even consider the type of paint and finish they use.  Some of these "custom painters" make the baits much heavier than they need to be with thick layers of finish.  What this does is make the bait heavier and this can even change the action of your lures.

For my first round of custom painted baits, I decided to pick out some of my favorite styles of baits that had colors I wasn't crazy about.  A perfect example is the original Storm Wiggle Wart (pre-Rapala) that was painted in a steelhead color from my days in the NW.  This is a classic (and valuable) bait in a pink color I would never use.  Now with this makeover the bait is ready for the bass.  I also had a few other baits that were proven fish catchers, but the colors were bland and basic.  I told Pizz Customs to get creative and gave him a basic idea of what I wanted and he made magic with the airbrush.

One of the best things about using a custom painter like Pizz Customs is that it is really that, custom.  Tell them what you want and they will make it happen. The designs are all creative and catch fish.  Check out their website for a gallery of some of their baits, or check out the Facebook Page for more.

The Wiggle Wart in Sexy Craw and the others in a brand new test color.

Pizz Customs is offering everyone who reads this a discounted price to try them for yourself.  The price for a custom painted bait is very competitive and will cost you $15 per bait.  If you mention my site or this review, he will give you your 4th bait free.  Buy 3 and Get 1 Free.  That's a great incentive to give them a shot, you will not be disappointed and the turnaround time is much faster than others in the industry, no more waiting for months to see your baits again.

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