October 17, 2011

Eco Pro Tungsten's Newest Items Now Available at Tackle Warehouse

Eco Pro Tungsten's newest products are now available on TackleWarehouse.com.  I have been fortunate to use all of these items for the past few months and I am beyond impressed with them.  They are all simple solutions that make fishing much easier.  Now you can see for yourself.  Here is a quick rundown of the new products along with videos from Pro Staff member Brandon Palaniuk.

The Diamond Pegs are a simple solution for pegging soft plastic baits.  You can forget about using toothpicks or anything else, this system keeps the bait securely locked into the eye of the hook.

I am a big fan of using these for all of my Texas-rigged baits, but for baits like a Senko or Fluke they are a must.  You won't ever have the problem of your bait sliding down the hook after coming through cover or missing a bite.

The Pro Wacky Weight system is another idea that makes wacky rigging much easier, especially when fishing deeper water.  The weighted system allows you to fish deeper water much more efficiently.  They come in four sizes and four colors, covering basically anything you could use them for.  One added benefit is the rigged worm will now be perpendicular to the bait, allowing for better hookups.

The simple tungsten nail weight is another added tool for your finesse fishing needs.  I like to fish with these rigged into one side of the bait for that unique action.  Plus, since they are tungsten, the smaller size is better for finesse worms.

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