October 27, 2011

What Makes a Good Buzzbait? A Review: Taylor Man’s Custom Lures Water Strider™ Buzzbait

Buzzbaits have to be one of the most fun ways to fish for bass.  I love fishing them and the fact that they have the potential to catch a monster bass every time you throw them keeps me tying one.  I witnessed something last Spring, when fishing Lake Seminole as my partner for the day caught nearly 20 pounds of fish on three casts in the period of five minutes.  I was a believer before, but since then I have a new level of respect for this buzzing piece metal.

With all that being said, there are several things that separate a good buzzbait from a great one.  One of those key components is the buzz blade itself. Looking at the selection at any tackle store you are likely to see a wide variety of types and quantity of the blades.  There are small ones, big ones, single or double blades and sometimes even more. The type I prefer, and one of the best overall types of blade configurations, is the blade within the blade. This type of blade causes a great sound and the counter-rotating action is a different look for bass.  Taylor Man's Custom Lures new Water Strider Buzzbait features these blades.

As with all Taylor Man's baits, the quality of all of the components is the best you can buy.  From the skirt materials, paint and super-sharp Gamakatsu hooks; this thing is built right.  I also like how the skirt is connected to the buzzbait with a skirted collar as well as being tied with wire.  This ensures that the skirt will stay on as long as possible.

So besides the quality, what makes this buzzbait different from any other bait on the market?  While fishing it for a few trips it was evident that this bait rises to the top right away and stays there.  How often have you made a great cast with a buzzbait, under a tree or dock, only to have it start buzzing right after it is out of the good area? This is frustrating and I think this bait helps to prevent that.  The runnels on the side of the weighed-keel shape head make it rise faster and keeps it there at almost any speed, no matter how slow you are reeling.

The finish and colors are also great and all of the baits feature 3D eyes that are looking downward.  I espescially like the "Mouser" and "Duckling" colors as they are pretty unique, check out the site to see the entire selection of colors.

Price/Value: 3
They retail for $7.99, which is just about right for a bait of this quality.
Durability: 4
It's pretty hard to mess up a buzzbait, but the skirt and hook are quality and will last.
Performance: 4
The technology of this bait make it much easier to get it on top and stay there.
Innovation: 3
A common and time-tested lure that has some great added features.
Availability: 3
They can be found on Taylor Man's Website as well as select dealers.  Ask your local dealer about carrying Taylor Man's Lures.

Total Score: 17  - Good Buy!

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