October 30, 2011

A Weekend Without Fishing

This weekend we took a short break from Florida and fishing to head "Up North" to Michigan to visit with family.  While we didn't have enough time to get any fishing in, we still had the chance to visit one of my favorite tackle stores anywhere, D & R Sports Center.  If you are bass fishing fanatic like myself, you may know that this store has a VanDam connection.  It's owned by Kevin's brother and JVD actually works there.  When we visit Michigan, we land in Kalamazoo so we hit this store at least once on every trip.

It was a good chance for me to buy some items that are not carried in our Florida stores.  I also have an upcoming club tournament on Lake June, which has usually been a finesse bite for me during the past few trips.  I plan to try out the Jackall iMotion concept as well as further refining my "Neko Rig".  I now have the right tools to do it after buying some Damiki Neko Sinkers.  I also picked up some Roboworm Fat Worms for my drop-shot and a KVD 1.5 (I felt obligated to buy at least one since I was there).

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